Tuesday, 20 August 2013

20 August 2013 Homework

Word bank-by now,you should have 45 quotes and 65 words
(Due end of Term 3)
-Choose a book from the suggested reading list
-prepare an online presentation of the book(Think about what you would like to talk about.Plan.Rehearse)
-Presentation has to be 4-5 minutes long
>How did it affect you
Performance Task Due 27 August 2013
Filing on Thursday(Bring worksheets and hole puncher)
On Term 4 Week 1,there will be listening comprehension

Revise for Math level test

-Interaction Matrix
-Design Matrix
Draw a table,analyse your video of your prototype testing from the 3rd to 1st storey,check if the prototype is falling at a constant speed(note,1 storey is 130 inches)
"Moments" Homework worksheet(Not due this week)
Revise for Science Level Test

Poster Design

Bring drawing materials for next CE lesson

Chinese students,please remember to bring your Chinese dictionaries

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