Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Homework for 23 January 2013

1) English: Each group must do the English project based on the themes that Ms Alex has assigned. (Do not embed  in English blog until you have presented it.) DUE TOMORROW
2) Hindi: No homework
3) Maths: (i) Homework 2(a) DUE TOMORROW
                (ii) Visit math is fun (Just click on the links) and addition of negative number, subtraction of
                      negative numbers, multiplication of negative numbers. Feel free to explore the site too!
                     (a) math is fun addition and subtraction of negative numbers
                     (b) math is fun multiplication of negative numbers
                (iii) Ace learning. Ace learning. (Click on the link) Login ID: Username= NRIC uppercase,          
                     Password: NRIC lowercase.  (Explore the site as we will be using it soon)
4) Forms: Parental Survey and CCA option form. DUE ON FRIDAY.

                             Have fun doing homework!

Yours sincerely, 
Tiara and the rest of the EXCO