Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Homework for 9 January 2013

Hey S1-01!
This is your homework for today:

-Find the meanings of "Tone" and "Register",in the context of "Communication"(English)

-Glogster--->What did History and Geography mean to me?(IH)

-For Chinese students:Ask your parents about what your chinese name means

-For Hindi students:Composition

-Using "Keynote" or "Pages",discuss with in various houses about the following:
1) What warm ups you are going to do
2)Why do we need to do warm ups?
3)safety rules about the (insert your house's sport here)

Black House-Javelin
Blue House-Short Put
Red House-Hurdles
Yellow House-High Jump
Green House-Discus

Note:Presentation time-About 5 Minutes

-Contents Page(S/No,Title,Date,Remarks)
-Comment on classmates' Sketches