Wednesday, 2 January 2013

ODSD Activity 1

Hello Cadets,

We apologize for the issues faced while using the SST email/googlesite.
We are in the midst of solving those issues and will let you know asap once those are solved.

Activity 1 will now be done as a homework, but will still be group work in your 10 teams.
So, do find a way to contact your fellow cadets. (by facebook, email, phone etc)

Task: Intel has just been informed that debris has been spotted around S.S.Technologica. Pictures have been taken but they are unable to decode where it is. Your job is to decode where the place is by annotating (or commenting) on the slide.

In your 10 teams, you will need to decode the location of 3 pictures. Please agree amongst your fellow cadets on which sets of pictures each team is taking. Please complete this activity by 8 Jan 2012, 8am.

The google document link is :
No sign-in is required. Please include your name in your comments.

In case you've forgotten about google drive, here it is:

Any questions, feel free to comment here or ask your officers.
Thank you very much.
Senior Officer Cherin

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