Wednesday, 13 February 2013

13 February 2013 Homework

Transport in humans worksheet(Due end of next week)
Digestion worksheet corrections-

Do a keynote powerpoint on 'Why I chose to join(insert your CCA here)',submit as a 'small web video' on 'quicktime player',submit by NEXT Friday on the SST server thing.

Also,please submit your videos and Chinese New Year brochures/posters if you have not submitted.(CNY brochures to be submitted on SST Server,while video to be submitted at the bottom of this page:

NOTE-To all that did not understand Mr Lim's lesson today,you can refer to pages 13-15 and 34-36 of your textbooks.
Pages 16 & 17 of Geography textbook
Spotcheck-Download contents page from IH google site and type in contents of IH folder.(keep all the downloaded IH files in an IH folder)(no need to print)
OPTIONAL: Do a popplet regarding all that you have learnt about maps so far(this wil come in handy when you have to do revision)

Show and Tell-Register numbers 8-16 get ready!
Word bank-Ms Alex will check tomorrow,minimum of 30 words inside.
Phone and Dan Rei,hand in your work by Friday 

找华文的 translation for english words related to SST.(e.g  ADMT,Badminton,apple,etc.)

Math 2(d) corrections(see google site,under math)
Bring Math files home to revise.
NOTE:Phone's group,upload the answer for Math booklet page 35,question 4(a) and 4(b)

Those that did not submit the moodboards,please turn in your work by 6pm today.
Logo Design(at least 10 sketches)
-Draw a personal logo for your friend based on the pictures you used in your second moodboard(do in sketchbook)

Buy Math Workbook
Project AWESOME(see students' blog)