Wednesday, 6 February 2013

6 February 2013 Homework


Transport in humans worksheet(Due end of next week)
Science files(Bring on Thursday)

Do a keynote powerpoint on 'Why I chose to join(insert your CCA here)',submit as a 'small web video' on 'quicktime player',submit by NEXT Friday on the SST server thing.

Also,please submit your videos and Chinese New Year brochures/posters if you have not submitted.(CNY brochures to be submitted on SST Server,while video to be submitted at the bottom of this page:

Watch  the discus videos that the S&W representatives have posted,watch a video of your buddy throwing the discus, and mark the checklist of your buddy.(Your buddy can be from different houses)(Due tomorrow)

Get ready for spot-check on your work(in other words,complete ALL your ork and remember to write your name,class and date)

NOTE-Every IH lesson,please remember to bring:
1)Laptops(remember to charge them)
2)Geography and history textbooks
3)Protractor(For geography)

Next IH lesson,bring string,preferably sewing thread.
Also,do pages 8 & 9(MCQ Exercise) of your geography textbook.

Do final draft.(refer to all the comments in your 'peer editing stage 1 & 2')
Print out the following:
-Toondoo comic strip
-Original essay
-Peer editing stage 1
-Peer editing stage 2
-Final draft
Bind together using a paper clip with:
-Self-evaluation Exercise
-Checklist,stage 1
-Checklist stage 2

at the top corner(any corner)
write the name of that document(e.g. on the original essay,write 'original')

SHOW AND TELL TOMORROW(For register number 1-6)
Do 'Peer Editing Stage 2'

Those that did not hand in their dental form,please submit by tomorrow.

Activity book pages 13 & 14

Finish until unit 3 in course book and activity book(according to Yash)

Mathematics:Go to:
-ACE learning
-Approximation & Estimation
(in this order)

Do a 'deeper' moodboard of your buddy


  1. NOTE-Every IH lesson,please remember to bring:
    1)Laptops(remember to charge them)

  2. not really,i was just reminding you guys

  3. "In other words, complete all your 'ork'"