Monday, 18 February 2013

20130218 (I) Character Education & Digital Citizenship Programme

What it means to be Digital Citizens? 

Activity 1A (LD down)
Watch the following video and post your responses as comment to the questions that follows


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Activity 1B - It's your turn

Reflection Questions 1 (Post as comments)

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizens or netizens
  • Do values like respect and responsibility exist in Cyber space? Why?


  1. 1)It means to use technology responsibly and with netiquette.
    2)It depends.Certain social networking sites have people that use vulgarities or cyber-bullying.While other people respect their friends and others.

  2. It means u have to behave responsibly and respectfully.
    Yes, they do we must be respectfully and responsibly so that we do not offend other people.

  3. It means that you be respectful to your fellow netizens.Yes,the values exist but only in some places.It is actually based on the mindset of the citizen of cyberspace.It exists in some places.

  4. 1) It means to be responsible for your own digital practices.

    2) It depends on the people who happen to be online.

  5. 1) it means to follow the rules in cyberspace.
    2)yes , we must respect other's comments and be responsible for what we do .

  6. It means to be a good figure online and have good cyber-wellness.
    Yes.If you do not respect one another,it can get out and you might get flamed.If you are not responsible,you could lose valuable information such as passwords and accounts,and your privacy might be invaded.

  7. It means:
    - An avid user of the internet
    -People who create blogs and forums to voice out their opinions.
    - A person who utilizes ICT for his/her daily purposes.

  8. 1) It means the rules of cyberspace and to be respectful towards other digital netizens, and not doing anything inappropriate like cyber-bullying, writing vulgarities, etc.

    2) Yes. Respect and responsibility exist in Cyber Space so that fights would no break out of things would not get out of hand. Personal information would not be revealed, there would be no posting of inappropriate pictures, etc.

  9. Q1:It means to be a good citizen of the digital world.
    Q2:Yes, it does. This is because we do not want to offend other people who are reading what you have posted.

  10. It means being responsible and sensitive to other peoples feelings. It also means not spamming people irresponsibly.Yes values like respect and responsibility exists in Cyber space because if we do say insensitive things and blackmail people, we are cyber-bullying and in school, disciplinary action will be taken against us or in severe cases, we can be arrested

  11. It means that we have to be careful about what you say on the internet and think of the other party. The values exist in but only some people use them properly and not think otherwise.

  12. . It means to have a good knowledge in cyber wellness, and be able to use it correctly...
    .Yes, you need to respect other's privacy and you need to be responsible for your stuff...

  13. 1) It means to use Information Technology effectively and responsibly. We also have to respect our fellow netizens.

    2)It depends. Respect exists when we talk to our fellow netizens properly, with manners. Responsibility exists when we use IT well.

  14. Digital citizenship is the norms of appropriate, responsible technology use.

    Social etiquette rules still apply in cyberspace

  15. 1.It means to responsible and respectful when browsing the internet, chatting, and connecting with people.
    2.Yes. If they did not exist, the whole community would be in chaos and can't communicate

  16. 1. It means to behave when in cyberspace or net.
    2. Yes, if there is no respect, your words may sometimes offend people.

  17. To be a digital citizen or netizen is to treat people on the internet the same way you would treat them if they were meeting you face to face.

    Values like respect and responsibility Exist in cyberspace, even though you are on the internet,what you say and do can still affect other people.

  18. It means responsible use of technology.
    It does exist, but there is also the point of 'freedom of speech' so people will need to watch what they are saying, making sure they do not insult or aggravate other people.

  19. 1. Digital citizenship is usually defined as the "norms of behavior with regard to technology use." It encompasses digital literacy, ethics, etiquette, online safety, norms, rights, culture and more. Microsoft recognizes that good digital citizenship, when you use computers, gaming consoles, or mobile devices, promotes a safer online environment for all.
    2. Yes. Respect each others means you can create a more peaceful cyber space for users to access.

  20. 1.It means that we respect the internet and use it appropriately

    2.It depends where you are looking and the people who are online.

  21. It means being polite on the internet and not using foul language or posting things that may hurt others.
    Yes,they do. We are responsible for what we post online and we must respect others privacy and if we are caught posting something inappropriate, we have to bear full responsibility

  22. It simply means to behave professionally and do as we would do in real life

  23. and for part two you have to accept that those two are not avoidable, but it depends on your audience.